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Inner tube for draisienne 14x2.125

SKU CA-16 Category Air chamber

1f6f4.svg 14x2.125 Inch Air Chamber For Draisers

1f6f4.svg Schrader Valve 45x90°

1f6f4.svg Inside diameter 266 mm or 10.5 inch

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All users of electric scooters, scooters and bicycles equipped with valve tyres know that the inner tube can be the cause of many difficulties on the road.

Offering increased performance, the most recent models of this spare part for electric scooters and similar vehicles (such as scooters) are fortunately much more resistant than those fitted to your machine when it left the factory.

This is particularly true for this 14x2.125 draisienne inner tube, whose characteristics will soon seduce owners of "e" scooters with a modernised sense of vintage. Let's see why.

Electric scooter seeks solid inner tube

As thin as it is strong, this inner tube is as compatible as one could wish. This is the strong point of this product, which is aimed at owners of Moovway, Strider, and many others.

To achieve such a result, Xuancheng has chosen to design its article on a standard 14-inch diameter. Weighing just 0.146 kg, this spare will add little weight to your tyre to avoid any major change in feel. This will allow you to maintain control of your bike without any adjustment period.

The installation of this tube is also quite easy, given the softness and wear resistance of its rubber.

But there are other factors that make its use experience more pleasant than many tubes. This is particularly true of its schrader valve, whose 90-degree right angle makes it accessible for your pump at all times.

Finally, its price makes it a very attractive wheel component.

The satisfaction of its customers can be seen in the verified reviews that you will find on our platform about it.

Wattiz when the draisienne 2.0 is adorned with quality

The successor of the old vehicle, the draisienne, now has its own multitude of offers in terms of spare parts.

It can therefore be difficult to choose from all the models on the market, from the wheel to the cables to the telephone holder and other accessories.

This is the reason for the existence of a professional such as Wattiz. By detailing the characteristics of a fine selection of equipment for electric scooters and draisienne, we accompany you through each product description, each article, each consumer guide to enable you to make the choice that is best suited to your needs.

However, Wattiz is not just that.

In addition to a supply capacity ensured by a constantly renewed stock and a "quality commitment", the service provided by our team is aimed at the least DIY users of electric bikes and scooters.

If you don't have the time or the skills, or neither, to install your equipment, our delivery service is made for you.

With every purchase from our online shop, we offer you the opportunity to choose between home delivery or delivery to one of our partner garages.

In this way, we can guarantee that each of your spare parts will be installed to a professional standard and that we will ensure that your order is dispatched without a hitch.

It is this kind of detail that allows you to free yourself from time-consuming logistical constraints so that you can concentrate on a more qualitative road experience.

So, for your draisienne, do not hesitate to combine a quality of material with a quality of service unique in France thanks to Wattiz.

This inner tube fits on 14 inch draisiennes for children (Moovway , strider etc..)


Category Air chamber Brand Xuancheng EAN13 3760351011267


Type of vehicle Draisienne
Rayon Tyres
Make and Model E-Slide ES1420D E-Slide ES1620D Moovway B8 Moovway C19 Urbanbike 140 Urbanglide e-bike 140s
Room Ref 14x2.125
Room Pouce 14 inches
Valve Chamber Valve 70 X 45°

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