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Draisienne tyre 12.5x2.125 (62-203)

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1f6f4.svg Tyre For Draisers 12 1/2x 2.125 (62-203 ertro)

1f6f4.svg Brand Innova

1f6f4.svg Better Quality Than Original Tires

1f6f4.svg Better Puncture & Wear Resistance

1f6f4.svg Better Handling

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Forerunner of the electric scooter, the motorbike, the mountain bike and even the bicycle, the draisienne was for a long time an alternative to horse transport in 19th century Germany. But it is also the name given today to certain models of "e" scooter with a singular elegance.

Perfectly adapted to city strolls, the new generation draisienne knows how to blend in with the other two wheels while giving you unique sensations.

A special wheel element for electric scooter users, this spare part is of a higher quality than the original models used on these retro-futuristically named scooters.

Style and performance are therefore the order of the day thanks to the ballet of features specific to this 12.5x2.125 scooter tyre, which will delight you during your next outings.

What advantages will this product bring you? How does it differ from the original tyres? Wattiz helps you to understand what will make this product Innova your next purchase.

A tyre for draisienne signed Innova

Although it looks like a bicycle tyre, this slimline product is only really at home in the city. Its purchaser will prefer to ride in built-up areas, as its characteristics make it perfectly qualified for use in urban areas.

Weighing no more than 0.4 kg, this lightweight tyre will fulfil its main objective: to provide you with a pleasant riding experience on well-maintained tracks.

However, where the wheel elements supplied by default with models such as the Kugoo Kirin are only ephemeral, this spare knows how to stand out .

Thanks to its 12.5 inch size, this classic tyre combines the cushioning of its inner tube with the superior strength of a reinforced rubber.

This combination, which considerably increases its life span, will prove to be very beneficial when it comes to breakage, which will become rarer.

Your product's grooves are also part of the process to enhance its properties. The grooves on the surface are arranged in a very fine network and fulfil two objectives brilliantly. In this case, your wheel element will be able to ensure a continuous and efficient flow of water to protect you from slipping while maintaining the discreet and refined dimensions that a tyre profile for a toy car should normally have.

However, the benefits of this tyre are not limited to its increased protection against skids, punctures and wear and tear: its compatibility is also a major advantage.

Suitable for the majority of electric wheelchairs currently available on the market, this item will not fail you under any circumstances, provided you know how to install it correctly.

A variety of items and easy installation with Wattiz

And this is precisely where the strength of the Wattiz offer lies. By allowing you to receive your spare parts at your home or directly at the premises of one of our partner garages (preferably the one closest to you), our team allows you to benefit from a unique customer service on the market.

Always attentive to your needs and meticulous about the quality of our products, our employees make sure every day that the diversity of a range of products covering a vast choice of brands is kept up to date.

Batteries, electric controllers, tubes, solid, classic and tubeless tyres, valves and rims are all at the crossroads of your desires: the Wattiz platform.

. By constantly building up and replenishing our stock to satisfy you as quickly as possible, we can offer you an unusual guarantee of quality.

So, when will your next electric wheelchair accessory with Wattiz?

12 1/2X2.125 (62-203) tyre will fit most 12 inch wheelchairs on the market



Category Tyres Brand Xuancheng EAN13 3760351010420


Type of vehicle Draisienne
Rayon Tyres
Make and Model Egret X Moovway B3 Urbanglide E-bike 120l Wegoboard W5 Wegoboard W7
Tyre Ref 12.5x2.125 (60-203)
Pneu Pouce 12 Inches
Tyre Type Tubetype

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